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Welcome To Bellini Double Bar & Brasserie


Bellini Bar is a modern bar situated on the London Road, in the heart of Leigh-On-Sea, which plays host to a great mixture of spirits, beers and food. At the centre of this, we have a team of staff who are passionate about both food and drink. The menu, wine list and vast selection of premium drinks are truly inspirational. 

Our Social Sessions time is every day from 3pm until 11pm, during this time: Beer, Wine & Spirits are cheaper, the best part of it is that Cocktails are 2-4-1, so come join our well trained staff for a cocktail or two.


Opening Times 
Monday to Thursday 12 noon - 11pm 
Friday & Saturday 12 noon - 1am
Sunday 12 noon - 11pm 

Food Service Times 

Monday to Saturday 12 noon - 4pm / 6pm - 9pm 
Sunday 12 noon - 6pm




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