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For 5 years we've been pouring premium doubles simply because we want you to taste the spirit. Sip it strong and slow and appreciate the decades, sometimes centuries of knowledge that went into making your favorite drink. We have a wide range of spirits ranging from Premium Vodkas, Whiskeys, Cognac’s as well as more. Check out our menu or ask our bartenders for a suggestion or two.
If you feel that you can’t handle the double its vital that you let your bartender know. But if there’s a large group of you and you desire a bottle, please do let the bar tender know.
Our cocktails are the heart and soul of what we do and the heart of our party spirit, after all Its in our name. From mojitos and mules to martinis and mocktails mixing spirits is what  do best, check out our cocktail of the month board at the bar or on our social media pages. Fancy anything specific thats not on our menu? Our bartenders will be more than happy to cater for your needs.
If you are looking for a glass or two of Wine, Sparking Or Champagne in Leigh-on-Sea your at the right place. With a refined but great selection were sure we can suit to your taste.
Whether your preferred glass is red, white, rose or sparkling, fruity, light or dry? Bellini bar has a terrific range of wines sparkling & champagne, for you to choose from.
You can enjoy a chilled white or warming red whilst catching up with friends or as the perfect companion alongside a delicious meal.
At Bellini we have a wide selection of beers to offer, ranging from your standard European beers to more unique tasting craft beers form America.
We start with our draft beers, we have a wide range of favours from Birra Moretti, Amstel, Heineken as well as others. Our pride and joy of the draft beers is Hop-House 13, the latest product launched by Guiness, the beer itself is full of life with a hoppy and fruity palet which goes down better then most. 
We hope the above has whet your appetite, just in case you needed a little more persuading why
not check out or DRINKS MENU, enjoy.




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